• Metamon
    The Realm awaits You!

The Metamon Story

An adventure awaits where fantasy becomes reality through a mobile MMORPG. In Metamon World, you're called to catch, train, care for, evolve, and battle with your Metamons.

A bustling economy thrives, offering various paths based on your Metamons and chosen activities: from PvP battles to farming items, gathering building materials, producing food, crafting, engaging in guild wars, trading, breeding, and training, among others.

Each Metamon is aligned with one or more elemental forces:

Neutral Metamons stand for balance, embodying harmony in their essence. Fire Metamons blaze with inner flames, representing untamed passion and might. Water Metamons, fluid and adaptable, mirror the life-giving flow of water.

Nature Metamons burst with the earth's vitality, enveloping all in their green embrace. Electric Metamons pulse with the raw power of lightning, fast and furious.

Psychic Metamons explore the depths of thought, their minds a maze of mysteries. Air Metamons glide on the wind, masters of the sky. Soul Metamons, rare and mysterious, traverse the unseen, whispering secrets from the shadows.

At the heart of our vision is crafting an engaging story and ensuring the best gameplay experience on mobile devices.


  • Metamon Game is born

     Jun 2022

    A spark ignited in the wise Professor's mind, birthing the Metamon Universe. This world, teeming with mystical creatures, vast open lands, and guilds vying for glory, was crafted with magic and strategy.

  • The first Metamon

     Dec 2022

    The very first Metamon, Akimi, came to be. Born of water's essence, Akimi could call upon soft rains and soothing mists. Though shy by nature, this loyal companion stood steadfast beside those it called friend.

  • Game Development Starts

     Mar 2023

    The crafting of the mobile game begun using state-of-the-art technology. A venture into the mystical lands of Qido, the first Environment. In this vast and open world, the earliest Metamons and Trainers will set forth on their quests.

  • New Metamons are born

     Oct 2023

    In a world full of magic, The Professor keeps finding and creating new Metamons. Each one has its own special skills, helping Trainers get ahead in this economy-driven universe.

  • Marketing Starts

     Jan 2024

    The Professor had crafted something special—an ecosystem alive with its own magic. But it wasn't enough to keep it hidden; he needed the world to see his creation.

  • Whitelist Selection


    A select few who truly care about Metamon Universe will be granted early access to the Whitelist. They'll be the first to mint Gen0 Metamon NFTs and they'll get exclusive sneak peeks into what's coming next, a reward for their dedication to the realm.

  • Beta Version


    Those chosen ones on the Whitelist will be the first to step into the Beta version of the game. They'll get a little peek at the big adventures that are coming soon.

  • Maze Challenge


    Before the full game starts, there's a first adventure: The Maze. Those brave enough to battle, explore, and make friends will get the best rewards: Gen0 items. These special items will allow you to upgrade your Metamon NFTs and conquer all others.

  • Full Game


    The full game is released, packed with everything promised: PvP battles, farming for items, materials, and food, crafting, guild wars, trading, and even breeding and training Metamons. There's more waiting to be discovered in this complete adventure. Now, the journey begins for anyone brave enough to step into this world and explore all its wonders.

  • Qido Tournament


    The first tournament is set to begin, offering thousand in prizes to the finest Trainers. This marks the start of what will be many challenges and opportunities for glory in the future.




And this is only the begining





The Professor

The creator of everything in Metamon World. He likes to live in his lab discovering and understanding Metamons and their nature.

Leo Ramos
CEO & Head of Game

Game Dev with 15 years experience in programming and Distributed Systems. Last 3 years focus has been on Blockchain and Game Economy Design.

Armando Guinand
3D Generalist

3D Modeler and Animator with 5 years of experience creating and optimizing 3D models for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Daniel Cavadia
Game Developer

Game Developer focused on Mobile Gaming using Unity, C# and .Net framework. Computer Science Engineer since 2021. Gamer.

Thi (Mi Thee)
Illustration Goddess

Anime artist who love to draw cute characters. Has a very successful Etsy store where she make comissions for anime drawings.

Daniel Zuleta
3D Animator

Cartoon characters and stylized environments are his speciality. 7 years of experience working with everything 3D. Blender, Maya, ZBrush are his most valuable tools.

Adam Chai
3D Character Modeler

He’s been in the pre-visualization industry for more than 12 years. He loves 3D modeling and digital sculpting. Mostly focus on cute anime characters.

Miljan Nemenzo
Head of Marketing

A Web3 and P2E/Gamefi enthusiast with over 3 years of experience in marketing. Worked with NFT projects as lead of marketing and partnership head.


Metamon is an NFT Mobile MMORPG in development where you have to catch, train, take care of, evolve and fight your Metamons.

Each Metamon can be of 1 or more elemental types.

A rich economy is planned based on different roles based on your Metamons and the activity you choose to follow: pvp fighting, items farming, construction materials farming, food farming, crafting items, guild fights, buy and sell items, breeding, training, etc.

To play Metamon Game, you need to hold at least 1 Metamon NFT.

The first Metamon NFT will be named 'Gen0 Metamon' and there will be a 10,000 tokens allocation. NFTs will be available on Mint day for Whitelist members and general public

Yes. Hundreds of interconnections will make Metamon World a thriving and vivid economy

The Professor is well versed in Game Design and Tokenomics, covering from topics like the 8 pillars of the motivation in Gamification through Game Economy design.

A rich economy setup is carefully crafted to allow great Gameplay and even greater economic foundations.

Fighters will require food and natural items to cure and upgrade their Metamons, Explorers will find curious and exotic items needed for construction and fighting

Crafters will refine raw materials and sell their best items at one of many Regional Marketplaces, the Socializers will form Guilds to fight Giant and Powerful NPC Metamons

Breeders will specialize in catching and forming good couples to produce outstanding offprings, and Killers will train and build great teams to fight in Tournaments, with hight stakes and even higher rewards!

And this is only the tip of the Iceberg. Elemental types from Metamons will play a crucial role in this economy.

Nature Metamons can make trees grow and flourish, perfect for item farming; Fire type Metamons will craft the better weapons and armors, using their fire.

Psychic Metamons will help trainers to collect items out of the common trainers reach; and Soul Metamons will discover hidden items on solid surfaces...

First test of the game will be the Beta version, and it's expected to happen on Q4 2024. Only a handful of faithful NFT holders will be able play it. That will allow the team to make improvements until the Maze Challenge

The Maze Challenge will be open to all NFT holders, and the first taste of the full game will be shown on it. The Maze Challenge will reward members who have the best fighting techniques, the better at exploration and some lucky ones as well.

Finally the Full Game will be released, unfolding all the interconectiviy of the Metamon World wide economy.

Ethereum is the chosen blockchain to hold the Gen0 Metamon collection.

Full Game will have integration with Polygon for better gaming capabilities

At first, all in-game dynamics will be ruled by an off-chain token named $MTM.

After the Full-Game release and careful considerations and economy balancing, a fully on-chain token will be issued and distributed to holders.

An economy driven by $MTM.

You can learn more about Metamon Game by getting into Discord.

There you will find Sneak Peeks, Updates and general conversation about the Game.

You can ask any question on Discord and mention any of the Assistants for a quick response.

Another way of contact the team will be attending to our regular "Chat with the Team" voice event on Discord.

Metamon NFTs and other digital assets are not intended to be used as investments and should not be considered as such. The value of NFTs and other digital assets can fluctuate greatly, and there is no guarantee of profit or return on investment. If you choose to purchase a Metamon NFT or other digital asset, you acknowledge that you are doing so for the sole purpose of owning and enjoying the digital asset, including its in-game use. We assume no responsibility for any financial loss that may result from the purchase or sale of a Metamon NFT or other digital asset. Do not purchase any Metamon NFTs or other digital assets with the expectation of profits, either from price appreciation, the potential receipt of future airdrops (which may never occur), or otherwise.

Certain statements that we make in this paper may constitute forward-looking statements, including information concerning potential licensing revenue, future airdrops and the expected roles and responsibilities of members. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees, and they involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions and there can be no assurance that those potential future events will occur. We caution users not to rely on any forward-looking statements and expressly disclaim any obligation to update any forward-looking statement in the event it later turns out to be inaccurate.